Monday, April 25, 2016

Sketch... sharpie kawaii

Fashion sketch... kawaii inspired pink/purple hairstyle

Meow there, Monday!  Bought some Sharpie markers the other week. Looking at all those colors at the bookstore display, I just couldn't resist!  I love color!  They're like candy!  Yum-yum-yummy!   If only you can eat them... Anyway, I did a quick kawaii-inspired hairstyle sketch with the markers... asymmetrical pigtails. Fun!  I'm liking the grey outline... has a subtle and soft effect compared to the usual black that I use.   =^.^=

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sketch... summer cut-outs

Summer style OOTD...
Asymmetrical top with cut-out detail on one shoulder

Meow there, Monday!  Summer is in full swing!  It is lovely and sunny but it's also really, REALLY HOT as well.  Stay fresh and cool in the heat with a comfy and cool outfit in summery colors.  =^.^=

Monday, April 11, 2016

Doodle... crisscross flowers

Fun and floral ink zen doodle...

Meow there, Monday!  This one was done several months ago... 2015 as written at the bottom.  I guess this (and a few others!) kept getting bumped off the posting queue!  LOL...   Anyway, this was another fun ink doodle.  Of course, it's always fun!  Art should be fun!  As enjoyable as coloring the doodles are, I actually have much more fun creating and inking them.  =^.^=

Monday, April 4, 2016

Doodle... blooms in color!

Floral ink doodle/drawing...

Meow there, Monday!  I'm really loving my A5 sketchbook!  Small and compact... not bulky!  For years, I used 9' x 12" sketchbooks.  I always brought one with me whenever I go out.  It was heavy... And I needed a big bag for it!  It often got annoying especially in crowded places.  The A5 is perfect for doing these mini flower doodles!  And I really enjoy drawing them.  And it's also perfect for beginner artists as well...  Drawing space is manageable.  Not intimidating and less pressure!   =^.^=