Monday, June 29, 2015

Sketch... color and cardie

Chilly weather outfit... add some color! 

Meow there, Monday!     Well, summer's definitely over...  The rainy season has arrived. It was a wet and chilly weekend.  Time to take the jackets/cardigans out of the closet, or buy some new ones!  =^.^=

Monday, June 22, 2015

June sketching, part 2

Meow there, Monday!  Another quick sketch from my sketchbook...  Done with a reference photo from a magazine.  And sharing with you my song of the moment.  Been listening to this song several times a day, everyday for the past few months!  I looooooooove this song!  Como Yo Te Ame by Alejandro Fernandez.  One of my fave singers!  =^.^=

Monday, June 15, 2015

June sketches, part 1...

Meow there, Monday!  A couple of quick sketches from when I was out and about... Flipped through a magazine for reference photos.  These are fun to do!  I love the spontaneity and freedom of doing quick sketches!  Very in-the-moment drawing.  No pressure with getting the likeness of the face... No over fiddling with the shading and details... Just quick movements of the hand/pencil... going with the flow!  =^.^=

Monday, June 8, 2015

Salon sketchings...

I looooooove this hairstyle!

Meow there, Monday!  Went with my sister to the beauty salon recently... she went for a hairtrim.  While waiting for her to be done, I spent the time drawing/sketching (of course!). Flipped through a Hair Now magazine for cool hairstyles to sketch.  Had a lot of fun doing these quick sketches.  But as fun as they were to do, it's not really the ideal place to sketch.  I had to do these on my lap!  =^.^=

Fierce and fab mohawk with shaved sides...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vacation sketching and art finds, part 3

Flipped through the in-flight magazine for stuff to sketch...

Meow there, Monday!  Last batch of vacation sketch and art find pics from my recent vacation...  I actually didn't take that many photos of artsy stuff.  It was a rather hectic and rushed vacation... just a quick, few days.  Didn't do much shopping or site-seeing, but did a lot of eating and took plenty of food pics though!  If you haven't seen my previous posts of vacation sketches/art finds, clickie-click part 1 (here) and part 2 (here)... =^.^=

Lovely fashion illustration in the Ocean Terminal Mall, Kowloon.

Cute art on the outside of a department store in Kowloon.