Monday, March 26, 2012

Figure-studies with Posemaniacs

Posemaniacs is awesome!  Really cool website for artists wanting to practice their figure drawing/sketching skills.  For a free reference tool, it certainly has many useful feature.  Yes, FREE!!!  There are so many poses to choose from, take your pick of male, female or child figures.  Standing figure?  Seated?  Or you prefer action-packed kung-fu poses?  Action-hero stance?  Or you want your female figure in pin-uppy, sexy poses?  Your guy posing macho?  You've got it in Posemaniacs.  A ton of different poses!  What's also really great is that the figures are in 3D and each pose comes with several angle/view-shots.  You can swivel the figures sideways to get that particular angle you want.   The figures are in muscle-layer, so you can draw with the accurate muscle definitions.

Other features in the website are 30-Second Drawing (for quick figure-sketching), Negative Figure Drawing and 2 sections devoted to hand poses and face angles...  Also available as an app on IPhone/IPod.

Some of my figure-study sketches using Posemaniacs...

Practising raised arms...

Sketching full-screen posemaniacs...

I've always drawn female figures (for fashion design and illustration) and enjoy drawing/sketching them.  Hopefully will get good at drawing guys with Posemaniacs.  =)

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