Friday, April 13, 2012

Art Encounters - Thai Sculptures...

Went to a Thai restaurant for dinner tonight...  It is not a big place, rather cozy and it is decorated with some traditional Thai art.  Took a few photos of the art, but only two were decent enough for posting... I'm blaming it on my old cellphone camera!  hehehe...  I love traditional Asian arts... feels like they're from a very distant era in history.  A lot of intricate and elaborate details, painstakingly and exquisitely done... AND you can see the passion of the artist in the art.  As if the artist really imparted a part of himself/herself into the artwork.  A lot of things are now mass-produced, although that's not totally a bad thing. 

I really like this one... has a modern and graphic look.

Added the "vignette" effect to the photos using Picasa.  

By the way, the food was nice and tasted authentic, though a bit salty.  Best part was the Sala fruit shake!  Tasted fun and yummy, like strawberry ice cream with a touch of bubblegum flavor.  Eventhough it was made using syrup concentrate, it was still delish!  =^.^=

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