Monday, December 10, 2012

Valentino Exhibit in London!

Meow there!  A new Valentino exhibit opened just a couple of weeks ago in London (Somerset House) and will run till March 2013.   If you love Valentino's fashion, you have to go see this exhibit!!!!    I'm not going to this one, but I went to the one in Brisbane in 2010.  I tell you, the gowns are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful when you see them in person!  They are exquisite!   It's so wonderful to see these gowns up close... so close, you can study the beautiful design details.  A very wonderful experience!  Valentino has always been my most favorite fashion designer of all time!  His designs are masterpieces!   

This exhibit is going to showcase 130 of Valentino's masterpieces.  

Mini documentary of the exhibit...

A nicely done feature by Euromaxx (DWTV)...

Brisbane exhibit in 2010...

There were only 100 gowns in the Brisbane exhibit... but it was still a fabulous exhibit!  When my Brisbane-based friend told me about the exhibit, I just had to go!!!  It was a little rushed as I had to get my tourist visa, which took  a few weeks... but I was able to arrive in time - 2nd to the last week of the exhibit!  My friend and I spent the WHOLE day at the exhibit!  We arrived at the opening hour in the morning and left the exhibit about 15 minutes before closing.  You can really spend a whole day in there!  The gowns are soooooooooooo beautiful!    

If you haven't seen "Valentino, The Last Emperor", you have to!  A really nice documentary!  Would also enhance your experience when you watch the exhibit.

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