Monday, April 1, 2013

Sketch... Easter bunny

Meow there!  Happy Easter Sunday!  Well, to some of you... It's already Monday here...and April Fool's Day as well!  Uh-oh...  No pranks, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!  =^.^=

This is my take on the Easter bunny girl... A bit of Anime/Manga inspired look.  

The proportion's a bit off since I freehanded the sketch...
(without the 9-1/2-heads guide)


  1. Wow! this is soo cute!! I love the detailed part especially the bows... And the 'peace' sign she did there... haha, it's really an anime inspired... Can I ask what did you use in the line art and coloring??? Thank you.. :">

    1. Thanks, Dennilene! I use inkpens (different sized tips) for the outlines and for the colors, I use regular watercolor and watercolor pencils (a mix of derwents, faber-castells and kirin).

    2. Wow... that's why it turned out like that. I have faber-castell watercolour pencils... and I really don't have an idea on how to use it properly... I was just experimenting... and looking for some tips through-out the internet.... (spying your blog for a month and been mesmerized by your works lol...hahaha)

      Thankies!!... :D

    3. try youtube... i love watching live drawing/painting videos there. Most often you can learn something new just by watching other artists work.
      experimenting is good! helps you develop your own style and discover new techniques. and most of all, it's fun!

    4. Yeah... it is surely fun, but with much, much patience.. haha!

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