Thursday, January 23, 2014

Video... quick fashion figure sketch

Meow there!  Thought I'd try doing a quick (and amateur!) video on how I do my fashion figures.  If you have seen my fashion sketches/illustrations in my previous posts, you'll notice line guides in many of my WIP pics.  It's the 9-1/2 heads proportion, which I have modified a bit.  I made the head a bit bigger, more space for drawing the face and hair!  I love drawing the face, almost as much as the outfit.  Anyway, lately I felt my fashion figures looked stiff in their poses when I use the line guide.  So, I have been drawing them freehand these days, including the one in this video.

P.S.  This is actually a repost... I was having trouble including this video via Youtube.  Yeah, as mentioned, amateur!  So, if you have read that earlier post, please pretend you didn't see it!  LOL... I'm new to this make-my-own-video thing, so still trying to figure things out.  =^.^=

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