Monday, September 1, 2014

Sketch... practising on short hairstyles

Meow there, Monday!   Although I've been drawing hair many, many times, I haven't really put much thought on drawing/sketching it properly.  I always just randomly draw lines to the general hairstyle I had in mind, fill in with watercolor, ink and sometimes, watercolor pencils.  (Same process as with my fashion figures, actually!)  So, I've been consciously drawing/sketching it lately.  Paying much more attention to the way hair actually  flows and falls... curls and waves.  Hair is complicated!   Defintely need more practice.  As they say - "Practice makes perfect!"  =^.^=

By the way, it's the 1st day of SeptemBER today,,, that's the start of the "Ber Months"! Christmas has unofficially begun here in the Philippines!  Yay!  My fave holiday and time of the whole year, always...  Let's get the holiday spirit going with some Christmas tunes!!!   

Still one of my all-time faves... All I want for Christmas!

The Muppets!!!

Not quite a Christmas song, but I love this one...  Many of my faves in this one!  One of my fave movies (Neptune's Daughter), fave actress (Esther Williams), fave comedian (Red Skelton, he's so adorably funny!!!), fave scenes from a movie...  And I just love, love, love Esther's dress in the scene!  So simple, yet so beautiful and elegant!  It's been years since I last saw the movie, but I remember the fashions were fabulous!  Esther's character was a designer, swimwear I think...

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