Monday, July 18, 2016

Sketch... errand-day ootd

Fashion illustration... casual jeans OOTD

Meow there, Monday!  Got to do a fashion sketch for this Monday's blogpost. I liked the mixing of contrasts for this outfit... Businessy-like gray tailored jacket paired with distressed/ripped and faded jeans.  Adding bright fuschia for that color punch.  Finished it off with ballet flats.  I think this outfit would look chic with heels, but I chose the flats.  This would be that errand day outfit!  =^.^=

Did this sketch by hand, with my usual art materials - watercolor for base color and rendered with watercolor pencils.  Used pencil to mark in the outlines, instead of my usual inkpens.  Have yet to play with my Wacom again.  Maybe soon...  Still rather frustrated drawing/rendering with it!

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