Monday, June 18, 2012

Portrait... experiment

Did this series of portraits months ago...  It's actually all just one sketch, which I played/experimented with over and over again. Trying a new style... loose hand and colored (using "unconventional" color combination).  Well, it's a new style to me, as I don't do loose strokes on my portraits, except for the hair.  I used watercolor colored pencils here.  After I did Sketch 1, I thought I'd give it a bit of water wash.  And since it was a practice sketch, I decided to go on playing it by putting back in the strokes and washing again... repeating the process again. I think I should have stopped at Sketch 2.  hahaha... But I think the effect of Sketch 4 is ok.   Giving the strokes a wash seems to give the portrait some depth.   I guess that's why I give my fashion illustrations a base of watercolor before adding in the shading.  

This portrait is based on a picture of Jon Kortajarena, but I didn't draw the features accurately.  I just wanted to do some experimenting on the rendering.  

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