Monday, June 4, 2012

Portrait... Kokia

I love Kokia's music...  She's a Japanese singer, who's also popular in Europe.  She has also made some songs for anime movies and video games.  I love her beautiful and soulful (or maybe a bit haunting) voice.  Her songs have so much emotions and add that soulfully haunting voice... and you get goosebumps.  Seriously!  I get goosebumps when I hear her songs.  I love her songs!

May look a bit skewed, as I took this pic with my cellphone camera... 
KOKIA, done in graphite pencils...

I was halfway on my shading (using regular mongol #2 pencils), when I remembered that my friend had gifted me a set of graphite pencils a few months ago.  From the set, I used 9B and 5B mostly on this portrait... a bit of 4B and 7B.  Before this set, I just used my mongol (or any regular type) pencils and a Staedtler EE graphite for dark shading.  They've discontinued EE (and replaced them with 8B/9B or something... whatever).   I miss EE, they're the best alternative to charcoals!   And yeah, I have to include some YouTube videos of her songs in this post!  I don't understand the lyrics, but it really doesn't matter...

This song, "Chouwa Oto", is from the anime film Origins: Spirits of the Past...


"Daiji na mono wa mabuta no ura"...  

"Time to Say Goodbye"

"Hana Utage"

"I Believe"

"Road to Glory"

  Just some of the songs I love.  Now head on over to YouTube for more Kokia songs... and goosebumps!  =^.^=


  1. Nice drawing, when i hear KOKIA i'm have goosebumps too ^^ think it's natural her voice is so magic.

    1. Thanks! and I agree, her voice is magical indeed... =)