Thursday, September 20, 2012

Akzhan Abdalieva...

Just discovered about her art yesterday morning on facebook.  I LOVE her art!!!  An abstract and art deco mix, Klimt elements, a slight touch of traditional asian art but executed in her own artistic and cultural point of view. I also really love the color palette she uses... so rich, vibrant, earthy and exotic.  She's from Kazakhstan and the interesting bit is that she has an art doctorate... how cool is that!  Never knew art school could get that academic!  Well, at least for me, I find that really cool!  Anyway, looking at her art just makes my hands itch for my paints.  I haven't oil painted since art school... that was a really loooooong time ago!  But I think I want to try my hand at those water-soluble oil paints.  So much more practical and safe for the health.  Turpentine fumes really stink!  And harmful too!

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