Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Portrait... Liza Minnelli

I love Liza Minnelli!  She's one of my favorite singer/actresses.

Still need more practice, especially on getting the likeness and the hair!


Initial shading of the hair.  Doing the hair is not really that fun... I find it tedious!  But I like shading the skin, and especially the eyes.  

Now for some fun audio-visual elements... Youtube!  This is an interview she did on Inside the Actors Studio.  Fun!  And she sang several times too.

This one's from the movie "Stepping Out".

This is "Mein Herr" from the movie "Cabaret".  Lots of fun song and dance in this movie!

"Wilkommen"... this is also from the movie "Cabaret".  She has more of a cameo in this video, but this video is so much fun I have to include it!

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