Monday, October 8, 2012

Sketch... Christmas red

Meow there!  Merry Christmas!!!  LOL... Really, Christmas has already begun in my country... started weeks ago at the start of SeptemBER.  So I'm actually a bit late with my greetings here!  LOL...  We call the last 4 months of the year the BER months... Christmas is at least 4 months long here!  Extend it by a week or two into the New Year... As early as September 1, you can already start hearing Christmas carols on the radio or from the neighbors' house.  TV news begin featuring holiday related news clips.  Stores start selling holiday decors and people start doing their holiday decors.  Seriously!   LOL.   And I'd say there are even a few people here who think Christmas is  all-year long.  Their holiday decors have been out all year, only to be replaced with new ones when the new cycle begins.   I like the Ber Months, beside it being the holiday season, the temperature also gets chilly at night and dawn.  =^.^=

Anyway, I was thinking of candy canes when I was sketching this Christmas outfit.  Maybe I shall name her Chrissie Candie... Or Peppermina Red?  Redda Green?  Greena Red?   Hmmm... maybe not Greena, there's barely any green on her!

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