Thursday, October 4, 2012

Youtube... cat videos

Meow there!   Been watching cat videos on Youtube for the past few days.  Once you start, you just can't stop!   Someone please help me stop watching them!   

Yutaka and his adorable cat, Chiro...  I've tried giving a few of my cats massage before... don't think I have masseuse hands.  They would tolerate it for only a short time.   LOL!

Aniki in the jacuzzi... probably one of the silliest pet videos I've ever seen!  

Lowdope and his cat, Moire... Yeah, Moire is that stalker/stop-go kitten on Youtube.

The way Moire is so relaxed and content lying belly-up is so cute

Lowdope, with Moire and Crie...  the last part of this video is just so sweet.  

Well, see you all on the next blog post, that is if I can stop watching these darn videos to do some art...  Off to watch more cute and cuddly cats on Youtube!!!  =^.^=

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