Monday, January 14, 2013

Sketch... Green but grey

Another grey and cloudy day again!  Anyway, sketched another green outfit for today... a light and simple dress.  It is after all Pantone's Color of the Year!  Yay for Emerald Green!


  1. wow! all your sketches are beautiful :)
    I try to make sketches but all mine come out wierd :p
    I also dont know how to shade :( haha
    but anyway I love all your sketches ^_^

    1. Hi, Radiance... thanks for the lovely comments. =) I think we all start and go through that stage when our drawings look weird and sometimes just plain awful. I still often have those moments... that's why I have a love/hate relationship with my eraser. I love how I can just erase that awful sketch and start over again... and I hate how often my pencil sketches don't come out the way I want it to. If it helps, use a grid/proportion guide. Lately, I've gone back to using my "9 1/2 heads" guide. So, keep practising, don't let the frustration get to you and don't stop drawing! =) As for the rendering, look and study photos (from magazines, internet, etc...), look at how light and shade/shadows play on the face and clothes. Or watch drawing/painting videos on youtube. I love watching those videos, you can learn a lot from watching other artists work! =)

  2. your welcome :)
    and thank you for the tips.. I'll try them :)
    I hope they help Lol