Thursday, January 31, 2013

Illustration... Wavy Hair, re "do"

Did another 2 versions of the wavy hair sketch, but with a slightly different angle.  I love doing hair sketches!  I'm not really good at it, still practising, but I love sketching those flowy, wavy hairstyles!   I was actually trying to recreate this style I did years ago.  Tried different variations on the materials, and somewhat failed on both.  The only thing I liked on these two is the hair... just a bit.  And the practice continues!  By the way, this is my 100th blogpost!  Yay!  =^.^=

This is the first version.   
Started with graphite shading, but overdid it a bit.  
Also used watercolor, chalk pastels and watercolor pencils.

The 2nd version.  Didn't do any graphite shading here.  

Work-in-progress for the 2nd version.  
Watercolor wash (base), chalk pastel for the skin/hair and graphite lines for the features.
Forgot to take wip pics for the 1st version.

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