Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sketch... Christmas 2014!

Meow there!  Darn internet company!  Haven't been able to go online since last Saturday night...  Service is still down at the moment, but I'm currently using a pocket wifi my brother got me last night... Yay!  Got internet access!!!  I can blog again!  LOL...   Anyway, Merry, Meowy Christmas!!!  Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!  Forget the diet, Christmas only comes around once a year!  Enjoy!!!  =^.^=

Simple Christmas outfit... 

Thought I'd do a "different" fashion illustration/sketch from my usual style.  Been rather fascinated by those Blythe dolls for some time now.  Really enjoy pinning them on Pinterest!  They're just sooooo adorably cute and yet rather spooky.  Always, fashionably chic!!!  By the way, I didn't even notice, until a few months ago, that Blythe dolls don't have eyebrows!!!  No wonder they look somewhat a little spooky!  LOL...

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