Monday, December 29, 2014

Sketch... Goodbye 2014!

Kawaii and Blythe inspired fashion illustration for the New Year 2015!
Meow there, Monday!  Here we are again... the year's coming to an end.  Saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming another new year.  And feeling much older... not sure I like that!  LOL...  But life and time goes on whether we like it or not!  Anyway, greeting the new year in dots and circles!  All things round!!!  Very popular for New Year here and for Christmas as well... It symbolizes luck, fortune, wealth and prosperity!  Happy New Year to everyone!!!  May we all have the best of luck, good health and prosperity in 2015!!!  =^.^=

Having fun with this kawaii/Blythe doll inspired fashion figure.,.  A lot of fun!  Especially the hair!   Goal for the coming new year:  get better at drawing hair!   And hopefully my internet gets restored before the new year!!!  It's soooooooo frustrating!  More than a week now!  

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