Monday, February 16, 2015

Portrait/Video... Aleks Syntek

Aleks Syntek portrait in watercolor, graphite and watercolor pencils...

Meow there, Monday!   Another one of my fave singers... Aleks Syntek (from Mexico)! Amazing singer/songwriter!  I love that he shares on YouTube his behind-the-scenes videos of how he goes about making his music.  Very fascinating how it works!  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this portrait!  I used almost the same materials I used in my other portraits: watercolor, graphite and watercolor pencils.  But this time I used my precious little piece of EE graphite pencil (Staedtler)... I initially used a charcoal pencil but didn't quite like it.  So I switched to my EE.  I love EE!  It doesn't have a shiny finish like other graphite pencils. It's almost like charcoal but not as messy and smudgy.  Unfortunately, they don't make EEs anymore!!!   

Didn't quite get the likeness... definitely need to work on that.  More practice!  I also need to work on my patience as well since I tend to rush on areas beyond the face.  Because I rush on those areas, mistakes/carelessness happen and I try to "fix" it.  And try to "fix" it again... and it ends up overworked!  Anyway, I took many WIP photos and  made a short in-progress "video" again.  

Sharing some of beautiful songs by Aleks Syntek.  "Te soñe" and "Intocable" are two of my all-time faves in my old digital music archive... and still are my faves!  

He sounds even more AMAZIIIING in these live shows!

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