Monday, February 2, 2015

Sketch... blue sky summer

Casual, summer outfit in peach and skyblue... 

Meow there, Monday!  Chilly and cloudy Monday!  And it was the same yesterday... Can't wait for Summer to come... a couple months more to go!   So feeling the Summer vibe with today's sketch.  Very summery and refreshing colors.   =^.^=

Sharing some nice songs recently discovered on YouTube, my fave place on the internet!  There's something about Spanish songs that just seems to make songs sound much nicer and more romantic.  

Aleks Syntek, another one of my fave singers!  
First half of medley:  Este Amor Pudo Ser by Aleks Syntek
2nd half:  Si Ya No Te Entiende by Noel Schajris

I looooove Noel Schajris' music videos!  
Simple but beautiful concept, great execution and editing!
Very touching... in that bittersweet yet warm and happy sort of way.

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