Monday, April 6, 2015

Sketch... summer in blue and white

Fashion sketch... blue top and white summer shorts outfit.

Meow there, Monday!   Lovely weather on Easter weekend!  But I didn't go to the beach though... Spent my looong weekend watching movies at home.  LOL...  Wonderful movies!   

I love "3 Idiots"!!!  Such a great movie!!!  You go through a wonderful rollercoaster ride of different emotions in the whole movie.  One moment you're laughing, the next you're trying to hold back tears and suddenly you start laughing again!  I love how the movie story progresses... my fave is the second half of the movie.    Great actors, great script, great story, great cinematography, great everything!   I've watched it a total of 4 times so far in just 2 days.   And it's a long movie... almost 3 hours long!

Another wonderful movie from my Easter weekend...  I love the storyline of Ghajini!  And Aamir Khan is such a great actor!   

I love this beautiful song from Ghajini...
(with english translation!  Yay!) 

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