Monday, January 5, 2015

Sketch... 2015, kawaii!!!

Kawaii side ponytail hairstyle... with cutesy polkadot bow!
Done in watercolor, watercolor pencils and graphite.

Meow there, Monday!  Happy New Year!!!  First post of the year... something fun! Inspired by all things kawaii and Blythe dolls... and those Monster High dolls too!  Of course the hair is in my fave color family... blue!!!  And the dots... rounds and circles for wealth, prosperity and luck in the New Year!  And the heart for that romantic in us all...   Been having such fun on Pinterest lately.  Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of inspiration over there!  =^.^=

Sharing some of the songs by Miranda!, spelled with the "!"...  A latin (Argentina) pop band, one of my faves in my old digital music archive.  I guess you could say they're the Latin equivalent of Aqua.  Fun, a bit edgy and quirky!  I love Miranda! and Aqua.  And yeah, "old" songs but I still enjoy them very much!

I love this one!!!!

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