Monday, January 26, 2015

Sketch... Diesel Black Gold f/w 2015 menswear

Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Menswear

Meow there, Monday!    It's menswear for today!  Diesel Black Gold to be specific!  From their latest collection for Fall/Winter 2015.  I like the collection, especially the regular-length jackets...  Loving the jeans!!!  Very nicely distressed/rippped and I also really like the washes as well,  =^.^=

Haven't drawn male fashion figures in quite a loooooooooooong while now.  I've drawn them only a few times actually.  The last time was in art school I think, on the fashion design class sometime in "19-forgotten" and I still remember it was sort of a final project for that class - a set of fashion designs for a wedding entourage, which of course included the groom!  I think that project is still somewhere in my bookshelf, since I'm a bit of a packrat... LOL!    And I don't recall ever drawing any male fashion figures either when I went to fashion school.  Kinda odd now that I think about it!   =^.^=

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