Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sketch... midweek casual

Another week and feels like a rather fast one too.  It's almost halfway over!   A bit busy and preoccupied with other stuff at the moment.  Might not be able to do new sketches as often.  

Something casual...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Facebook page...

Meow there!  TGIF!  And seems like my mind/creativity has decided to go for a vacation... without my approval, mind you!  One of those days!   Grrr.... Anyway, I made a facebook page by the way...  Hope you will like my page.   The link is on my sidebar under Cat Trails, or click here.  =)

This is Hidden Beach...  in Aloguinsan, western side of Cebu.  
Was here with some friends on Holy Week last year.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sketch... old stuff

Meow there!  This sketch was from a loooong time ago and from a time when I used to be rather "patient" with my artwork.  I sketched this based on a fashion magazine... can't remember which and what year anymore.  I did this with watercolor pencils.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Portrait... experiment

Did this series of portraits months ago...  It's actually all just one sketch, which I played/experimented with over and over again. Trying a new style... loose hand and colored (using "unconventional" color combination).  Well, it's a new style to me, as I don't do loose strokes on my portraits, except for the hair.  I used watercolor colored pencils here.  After I did Sketch 1, I thought I'd give it a bit of water wash.  And since it was a practice sketch, I decided to go on playing it by putting back in the strokes and washing again... repeating the process again. I think I should have stopped at Sketch 2.  hahaha... But I think the effect of Sketch 4 is ok.   Giving the strokes a wash seems to give the portrait some depth.   I guess that's why I give my fashion illustrations a base of watercolor before adding in the shading.  

This portrait is based on a picture of Jon Kortajarena, but I didn't draw the features accurately.  I just wanted to do some experimenting on the rendering.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Portrait... Robyn

One of my fave singers... Robyn!

I still need more practice on my portraits...  especially on the hair.  I'm a bit impatient when I do the hair.  I love her hairstyle here though.  One of those hairstyles I've always liked, but just won't look good on me... 

Some of the Robyn songs I really like.  I love her live performance videos, she just comes alive!  

I like her quirky, yet funky/edgy, sense of style, but I'm not keen on those shoes... 

Her maroon jacket is sooooo cool!  I want one!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sketch... black and cake

Meow there!  Still something formal today.  Black looks elegant, but I actually don't care to wear it though (except for shoes and bags).  It's classic and neutral... a staple color in most wardrobes.  Great fashion color.   Just not for me personally though, I prefer charcoal grey or navy blue...   =^.^=

Hmmm... the outfit on the left reminds me of Black Forest Cake...  
And now I'm craving it!  Not good!  Not good!  

watercolor base...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Label Sketch (Bridal)... Vera Wang

Since it's the wedding month, I did a wedding gown illustration.  This beautiful gown is from the Fall 2012 White collection by Vera Wang.  Tried a new approach... no inking and keeping the pencil lines and rendering light, but I think I got a bit too much color on the gown. It looks too beige-y.  

I love the design... especially the peek-a-boo roses on the skirt.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketch... evening party

As it is the wedding month now, I think I'll be sketching party outfits more often. =)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Portrait... Kokia

I love Kokia's music...  She's a Japanese singer, who's also popular in Europe.  She has also made some songs for anime movies and video games.  I love her beautiful and soulful (or maybe a bit haunting) voice.  Her songs have so much emotions and add that soulfully haunting voice... and you get goosebumps.  Seriously!  I get goosebumps when I hear her songs.  I love her songs!

May look a bit skewed, as I took this pic with my cellphone camera... 
KOKIA, done in graphite pencils...

I was halfway on my shading (using regular mongol #2 pencils), when I remembered that my friend had gifted me a set of graphite pencils a few months ago.  From the set, I used 9B and 5B mostly on this portrait... a bit of 4B and 7B.  Before this set, I just used my mongol (or any regular type) pencils and a Staedtler EE graphite for dark shading.  They've discontinued EE (and replaced them with 8B/9B or something... whatever).   I miss EE, they're the best alternative to charcoals!   And yeah, I have to include some YouTube videos of her songs in this post!  I don't understand the lyrics, but it really doesn't matter...

This song, "Chouwa Oto", is from the anime film Origins: Spirits of the Past...


"Daiji na mono wa mabuta no ura"...  

"Time to Say Goodbye"

"Hana Utage"

"I Believe"

"Road to Glory"

  Just some of the songs I love.  Now head on over to YouTube for more Kokia songs... and goosebumps!  =^.^=

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding Season...

It's that time of the year... wedding season!  Besides the bridal couple, wedding reception decor and such, one of the stars of any wedding event is the wedding gown.  Of course!   I love gowns because the designs are much more special than everyday wear.  More thought and effort are put into the design and sewing.    Found some nice videos on YouTube... 

Top 10 trends for Spring 2012... Such exquisite and dreamy wedding gowns!

Exhibition of historical wedding gowns at the Chicago Museum of History, and also has a brief history of the wedding gown by its curator...  Beautiful gowns!

A brief history on royal wedding gowns...