Monday, February 23, 2015

Sketch... Carmen Marc Valvo fall/winter 2015-2016

Carmen Marc Valvo
 Fall/Winter 2015-2016, Ready-to-Wear

Meow there, Monday!  Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015-2016 has begun!  This lovely and elegant gown is from Carmen Marc Valvo's latest collection...  Soooooooo loving the prints and fabrics in the collection!   And the designs are very nice as well... very chic, elegant and modern.  I especially like the pleated dresses!   =^.^=

Missed the mark on the color...
 Got carried away by all beautiful reds in the collection!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Portrait/Video... Aleks Syntek

Aleks Syntek portrait in watercolor, graphite and watercolor pencils...

Meow there, Monday!   Another one of my fave singers... Aleks Syntek (from Mexico)! Amazing singer/songwriter!  I love that he shares on YouTube his behind-the-scenes videos of how he goes about making his music.  Very fascinating how it works!  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this portrait!  I used almost the same materials I used in my other portraits: watercolor, graphite and watercolor pencils.  But this time I used my precious little piece of EE graphite pencil (Staedtler)... I initially used a charcoal pencil but didn't quite like it.  So I switched to my EE.  I love EE!  It doesn't have a shiny finish like other graphite pencils. It's almost like charcoal but not as messy and smudgy.  Unfortunately, they don't make EEs anymore!!!   

Didn't quite get the likeness... definitely need to work on that.  More practice!  I also need to work on my patience as well since I tend to rush on areas beyond the face.  Because I rush on those areas, mistakes/carelessness happen and I try to "fix" it.  And try to "fix" it again... and it ends up overworked!  Anyway, I took many WIP photos and  made a short in-progress "video" again.  

Sharing some of beautiful songs by Aleks Syntek.  "Te soñe" and "Intocable" are two of my all-time faves in my old digital music archive... and still are my faves!  

He sounds even more AMAZIIIING in these live shows!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Portrait/Video... Alejandro Fernández #2

Alejandro Fernández, portrait in graphite and watercolor pencils...

Meow there, Monday!  A dreamy heartthrob for this Valentine's week blogpost... Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández!   My second portrait of him... and might do another one!  He looks much handsomer when he smiles...  He has such a beautiful smile!!!   =^.^= 

Small section of the mess... 
Messy work area means you're having fun!

I used the same materials I used for my fashion illustrations: watercolor (for the base color), graphite and watercolor pencils.  Pretty much the same method I used for my other color portraits.  Building up layers of graphite (smudged) and watercolor pencils ("washed" over with a wet brush).  I enjoyed doing this portrait...  Color portraits are so much more fun to do than just plain graphite ones.    Since I worked on it intermittently, it wasn't practical to take videos while doing the portrait.  So,  I took WIP photos instead... and made a "video" from those photos!   

And now for some lovely songs.  hard to choose which songs of his to include in this blogpost as I don't want it to be a looong post.  

This is my song-of-the-moment... 
Been playing this song over and over and over and over for a couple of weeks now!

One of my faves... 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sketch... blue sky summer

Casual, summer outfit in peach and skyblue... 

Meow there, Monday!  Chilly and cloudy Monday!  And it was the same yesterday... Can't wait for Summer to come... a couple months more to go!   So feeling the Summer vibe with today's sketch.  Very summery and refreshing colors.   =^.^=

Sharing some nice songs recently discovered on YouTube, my fave place on the internet!  There's something about Spanish songs that just seems to make songs sound much nicer and more romantic.  

Aleks Syntek, another one of my fave singers!  
First half of medley:  Este Amor Pudo Ser by Aleks Syntek
2nd half:  Si Ya No Te Entiende by Noel Schajris

I looooove Noel Schajris' music videos!  
Simple but beautiful concept, great execution and editing!
Very touching... in that bittersweet yet warm and happy sort of way.